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New PPI Webpage Addresses Polypropylene Pressure Pipe Systems

The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc.’s new webpage contains answers to frequently asked questions about polypropylene pressure pipe systems. Published at, the FAQs webpage is free of charge and was developed as another tool to benefit the industry.

The new webpage was developed in consultation with PPI member firms that provide PP-R and PP-RCT pipe and resins in North America. The topics covered are relevant to specifying engineers, distributors and installers.

Examples of questions include:

  • What’s the primary difference between PP-R and PP-RCT piping materials?
    • Are PP-R and PP-RCT pipes and fittings compatible with each other?
    • What are the industry standards for PP-R and PP-RCT?
    • What are the pressure-temperature ratings for PP-R and PP-RCT piping systems?
    • What are the advantages of PP-R and PP-RCT piping systems over traditional metal piping?
    • How is resistance to disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines assured by manufacturers?
    • Can PP piping materials be installed in return air plenums?
    • How are PP pipes typically connected to existing steel or copper pipes in existing buildings?
    • I have seen some PP pipes that appear to have glass fiber in the pipe wall. Can you explain that?

This FAQs webpage is one of several PPI resources related to the design and installation of pressure pipe materials that are published as a service to the industry by PPI’s Building & Construction Division.

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