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Purification System Safeguards Elevator Passengers

SecureAire Technologies LLC announces the release of its EU-100X Elevator Air Purification System that utilizes active particle control technology, the most advanced and optimized electronically enhanced air purification system available.

SecureAire’s APC technology uses patented energy-field technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its proprietary filtration media. It provides pathogen destruction and inactivation benefits through its INACTIVATE technology.

Active Particle Control technology controls the movement of particles in a space. It combines electrostatic and electrodynamic fields to make airflow the dominant transport mechanism for airborne particles.

Inside the EU-100X are a fan, a replaceable SecureAire cartridge and a variable speed airflow controller. This is a complete system that can deliver up to 600 cfm of particle-free air. The EU-100X is effective because it optimizes three components needed for air purification.

These components are:

  • Particle coagulation: To overcome the natural forces that hold all airborne contaminants in a space, SecureAire safely creates larger particles, allowing normal airflows to become the dominant transport mechanism for all contaminants to be returned to the cartridge for capture
  • Optimized air change rate: This brings particles back to the filter for removal or sends them to a dedicated exhaust for enhanced ventilation
  • High-efficiency filtration: Using highly efficient filtration systems helps remove particles while maintaining a safe, healthy and clean elevator environment

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