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Greenheck Introduces Amplify Overhead Fans with Northern Light Technology

Greenheck recently announced the incorporation of patented Northern Light UV-C technology into its line of AMPLIFY overhead HVLS fans.

AMPLIFY with Northern Light’s unique, patented design combines the air cleaning benefit of upper-room UV lighting with the air circulation capabilities of overhead fans. Upper-room UV lighting systems have been used for decades to help control airborne pathogens in medical facilities and are recommended by the CDC, ASHRAE and other organizations as part of a multilayer strategy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The addition of air movement has been shown to increase UV-C’s effectiveness.

With Northern Light technology, non-ozone generating UV-C bulbs are installed inside the AMPLIFY fan blades and positioned toward the tips of the blades where the majority of air movement occurs for the most effective inactivation of pathogens. The uplight design directs UV-C light away from occupants and into the upper-room where air is being circulated by the fan, minimizing UV radiation exposure, for safer system operation. The result is a system that is more effective than traditional air cleaning technologies at inactivating airborne pathogens and distributing clean air in occupied spaces.

Northern Light technology is available on AMPLIFY DC-5 overhead fans in four diameters ranging from 6 feet to 16 feet nominally with more models and sizes to be added.

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