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Dalkia Energy Solutions Offers Strategic Energy Management

Dalkia Energy Solutions, EDF Group, has announced a new service offering: strategic energy management. Known for efficiently managing energy services in commercial facilities, the company’s services now extend further, to the strategic planning and implementation of programs for large corporations with multiple locations.

The strategic energy management services are offered as part of Dalkia’s environmental, social and governance program, and notably achieve turnkey results.

A typical partnership begins with an analysis of utility bills and the completion of an energy assessment to build a corporate vision for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. The findings from these activities culminate to allow for the planning and installation of equipment to achieve the defined goals and objectives. Financing is also considered, with help being offered to secure tax credits, maximize state and federal incentives and provide financing support, if required, to handle upfront energy costs.

Dalkia is maintaining a long-term partnership with a publicly traded real estate investment trust, operating a program that delivers high return on investment while improving ESG performance. Since the program’s founding, Dalkia has notably helped cut $5.8 million in costs, save $2.12 million in return on investment and $3.68 million on energy procurement.

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