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ASHRAE Announces Nominees for 2022-23 Slate of Officers, Directors

ASHRAE has announced its nominees for the 2022-23 slate of officers and directors.

Nominations for officers and directors were made by the ASHRAE Nominating Committee from a list recommended by individual members and from Chapters Regional Conferences.

The 2022-23 nominees are as follows:

  • President-elect: Ginger Scoggins
  • Treasurer: Dennis Knight
  • Vice presidents: Billy Austin, Dunstan Macauley, Sarah Maston, Ashish Rakheja
  • Directors and regional chairs: Bryan Holcomb (Region IV ), James Arnold (Region V), Susanna Hanson (Region VI), John Constantinide (Region XII), Cheng Wee Leong (Region XIII)
  • Directors-at-large: Blake Ellis, Luke Leung, Wei Sun
  • Alternate director-at-large: Patrick MarksASHRAE members will vote on the nominees via electronic ballot in May. Farooq Mehboob will serve as ASHRAE president for the 2022-23 Society Year.

For more information, visit ashrae.org/2022-2023slate.

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