IAPMO Seeks Technical Subcommittee Members for Development of National Standard

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is seeking volunteers, with technical background in plumbing systems and specific knowledge of airgap units for potable water supply, to participate on the IAPMO Z1065 Technical Subcommittee in the development of IAPMO Z1065, Airgap Units for Water Conditioning Equipment Installation.

The Z1065 TSC members will be assisting the Plumbing Standards Committee with the development of a new American National Standard and Canadian National Standard. The Z1065 TSC will also be responsible for the content and processing of public review comments. The committee will operate in accordance with IAPMO’s accredited procedures for standards development: IAPMO PP-1 (Policies and Procedures for Consensus Development of American National Standards) and IAPMO PP-2 (Policies and Procedures for Development of National Standards of Canada).

The deadline to apply is April 22. Applications can be downloaded through the following URL:



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