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Kohler Launches New Water Monitoring Products H2Wise, H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn

Kohler launches two new water monitoring systems: KOHLER H2Wise and H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn. Bringing to market two versions of the monitoring systems – H2Wise and H2Wise+ – Kohler provides efficient solutions to address a variety of concerns or budget.

Both monitoring systems:

  • Deliver immediate alerts for minor or major leaks
  • Run a diagnosis of the entire home’s plumbing to detect hidden issues
  • Provide pre-freeze warnings to help prevent frozen pipe bursts
  • Track daily water usage by each fixture and faucet in the entire home

H2Wise can be installed by the homeowner. Through the KOHLER Konnect mobile app, users can run a diagnostic test to detect potential problems, and track water usage.

H2Wise+ should be installed by a professional onto the main water line, thus providing the ability to shut off the main water supply automatically and remotely when a leak is detected. H2Wise+ analyzes the entire home’s plumbing 24/7 to detect hidden issues every time water is turned on in the house.

On average, household leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted and millions of dollars in property damage every year for U.S. homeowners. Through leak alerts, pre-freeze warnings and tracking water consumption, H2Wise solutions increase home security in the plumbing space. Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills, and these water monitors help determine if water is being wasted and identify the source for a quick resolution ( A single unit provides a full home solution that aides in water conservation by detecting wasteful leaks and by providing more real-time access to water usage, which can start an understanding of what a typical use is for homeowners so that they can take the appropriate steps to reduce or sustain.

The Kohler H2Wise water monitors with Phyn technology “learns” the unique water signature of every fixture in the home – getting smarter over time – giving homeowners the ability to protect their property and make more informed decisions about how much water they use. These new offerings expand Kohler’s Smart Home portfolio of products that marry thoughtful design with innovative technology; the products are fully controllable through the KOHLER Konnect app and are compatible with all existing Kohler plumbing fixtures.

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