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Noritz Releases Enhanced Scale Shield Water Treatment  

Noritz America recently released an updated version of its hard water-treatment product, Scale Shield.

The original product aids in preventing the build-up of hard water minerals, while eliminating the need for a water softener. Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium that, when heated, are released in the form of a chalk-like material. This chalk coats pipes, fixtures, and fittings, creating an insulating layer that leads to lower efficiency and system malfunction.

The updated Scale Shield is sold in a kit (SS-HB-3) via wholesaler-distributors or on the Noritz website and includes a wall bracket, wrench, lubrikit, pressure gauge, and one HBC-3 cartridge. Individual cartridge replacements can be found on the website, as well. The Scale Shield kit also holds a 12-month warranty for parts only.

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