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CleanAlert WiFi FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor Takes the Guesswork out of HVAC Filter Maintenance

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The new WiFi-enabled FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor and Notification System from CleanAlert notifies contractors and building operators via local, text and email alerts when a filter needs servicing by measuring differential pressure changes in a HVAC system. By taking the guesswork out of servicing filters, the FILTERSCAN WiFi will optimize filter life while helping HVAC contractors, building owners and facility managers avoid higher energy bills, compromised air quality and costly repairs.

CleanAlert introduced the FILTERSCAN Air Filter Clog Detector in 2012. The FILTERSCAN WiFi adds the ability to send communications regarding air filter status to a personal computer, tablet or smartphone via a cloud database server – ideal for HVAC contractors servicing multiple residential communities, apartment buildings or national and regional contracts.

Using patented differential pressure methods to actively gauge a filter’s status, the monitor is easy to install and operate, functions with a wide variety of filters and is compatible with most residential, commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including units with single- or multi-speed blowers and most VAV systems. An optional wired output provides signaling to a remote building automation system controller.

“We know that a clogged air filter is the primary cause of HVAC equipment failure and that eight of every 10 filters are not changed at the appropriate time,” says Terry L. Reavis, vice president sales & marketing for CleanAlert, located in Oberlin, Ohio. “The question of when to service an air filter has vexed contractors, homeowners and building managers for years and many users have resorted to servicing their filters according to a schedule. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to lost revenue and unnecessary material costs when filters are serviced too often.”

Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, the FILTERSCAN:

  • Automatically compensates for changes in system blower speed
  • Can be installed upstream or downstream of a filter or differentially across a filter
  • Works with single-speed, multi-speed and most variable air volume HVAC systems

Measuring 6″ by 4 5/8″ 1 1/2″, the FILTERSCAN unit incorporates an audible beeper and a green-yellow-red LED status light to indicate various filter and system conditions. When the pressure across a filter has changed by an industry-accepted amount due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, the FILTERSCAN alerts that the air filter should be serviced. When connected to a remote device, such as a BAC or smart thermostat, the FILTERSCAN also provides a 5 volts of direct current output or an optional relay (dry contact) output to indicate that filter servicing is required. The FILTERSCAN recalibrates each time a clogged air filter is serviced. As a result, end users can change filter models as they wish without undermining clog-detection performance. While placement of the FILTERSCAN within the HVAC return airflow stream is flexible, the best results are found when the monitor is installed downstream between the filter and the blower fan.

“Users who wait too long to service a filter will allow pressure to build up in a system, thereby increasing energy costs and decreasing equipment life,” explains Reavis. “Installing the FILTERSCAN to monitor filters will eliminate this guesswork and ensure that the HVAC system is operating effectively, efficiently and safely.”

The new WiFi-enabled FILTERSCAN is scheduled to be available throughout the United States and Canada beginning in April 2014. To learn more about FILTERSCAN, call 888-414-3569 or visit

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