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WaterFurnace Announces Upgrades to 5 Series Indoor, Outdoor Splits and Synergy3D

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — WaterFurnace International, Inc., announces upgrades to its 5 Series 500R11 indoor splits, 5 Series 500RO11 outdoor splits and the Synergy3D.

Both the 5 Series indoor and outdoor splits now carry the WaterFurnace Aurora family of controls. The Aurora Base Control features a microprocessor control to sequence all components during operation for optimum performance. In addition, the ABC provides easy-to-use troubleshooting features, including fault lights, onboard diagnostics and a handheld Aurora Interface Diagnostic tool.

WaterFurnace-5-Series-Outdoor-500RO11_RUpgraded cabinets for the 5 Series and Synergy3D units feature new paint and texture for an aesthetically pleasing look that is carried over from the 5 Series and 7 Series family of units. The heavy gauge galvanized sheet metal cabinets also feature a salt spray rating of 1,000 hours for long-lasting protection.

In addition to the cabinet upgrade, changes to the Synergy3D include the relocation of LED status lights to the left corner post and new “sweat” desuperheater connections for the convenience of the contractor.

WaterFurnace-Synergy3D_RThe 5 Series 500RO11 outdoor splits are designed for outdoor installations and are connected to an indoor air handler via refrigerant lines and control wiring. Introduced October 2013, the 5 Series 500R11 indoor splits are engineered for indoor use where an all-in-one unit would be difficult to install, like attics or crawl spaces, and offer an attractive solution for retrofitting existing homes. Both the indoor and outdoor units are ENERGY STAR rated and feature an energy-efficiency ratio of 25.3 and a coefficient of performance of 4.4.

The Synergy3D provides forced air heating and cooling to ducted zones while also providing hot water to radiant floor zones–the geothermal equivalent of a boiler, furnace and air conditioner. The single unit uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, dual capacity scroll compressors and the energy efficiency of geothermal technology to provide savings as high as 70 percent when compared to ordinary furnaces and air conditioners.

To learn more about the 5 Series indoor and outdoor splits and the Synergy3D, visit the WaterFurnace website at

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