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Noritz Upgrades Wi-Fi App with Installation Info, Error Code Alerts

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Contractors can now continuously monitor their tankless water heater installations with the upgraded mobile Noritz PROCard app. Features include a live map displaying each installation’s location and error code alerts, prompting the installer to schedule a visit with the affected homeowner.

The enhancements also allow contractors to install Noritz Wi-Fi capabilities for their homeowner clients without needing to request access to the homeowner’s phone or mobile device, thereby eliminating privacy concerns.

After installing a Wi-Fi-enabled Noritz tankless water heater, contractors register themselves and their client on the app. Once the connection is established, homeowners gain full wireless control of their heaters (set point adjustment, on/off function, diagnostics, etc.) while contractors gain remote access to diagnostics and will receive an alert if something is amiss.

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