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Johnson Controls Develops New Sound Attenuator for YORK AHUs

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The new and innovative, patent-pending sound attenuator, developed by Johnson Controls, delivers comparable performance levels in half the space of a traditional three-foot duct silencer. The product is optimized to target specific frequencies of sound generated by air handling units.

This is the first silencer developed specifically for AHUs. These devices are exclusive to YORK AHUs and can be validated to meet the performance claims of Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute Standard 260.

The bidirectional silencer offers superior sound insertion loss both upstream and downstream of the fan while minimizing flow noise. The device also produces minimal pressure drop to improve overall system efficiency by reducing energy consumption and lowering total cost of ownership. The device can be further optimized when paired with other YORK AHU sound attenuation technologies.

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