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Honeywell, Midea Partner to Validate New Applications for AC Refrigerant

Honeywell has partnered with Midea Group to replace R-410A with Solstice N41 (R-466A) in HVAC applications, including variable refrigerant flow and chiller systems. R-466A is a nonflammable and lower-global warming potential refrigerant for stationary air conditioning systems.

Once commercially available in late 2019, Solstice N41 will be the first A1* (nonflammable), reduced GWP R-410A replacement offered for stationary air conditioning systems. All other reduced-GWP alternatives proposed to date as R-410A replacements are flammable, increasing risk.

When it comes to safety, Solstice N41 significantly reduces the need for additional design and eliminates the need to incorporate the sensors and valves typically required for minimizing flammability risk. Early results also indicate this nonflammable, reduced global warming alternative to R-410A will eliminate the need for specialized contractor training for flammability mitigation—a big advantage for the industry as it struggles to recruit and retain certified contractors.

*Preliminary designation for ASHRAE.

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