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Budderfly Adds HVAC Replacement, Maintenance to Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service 

Budderfly is adding complete HVAC unit replacement and associated ongoing maintenance to its effortless energy efficiency-as-a-service offering. The new offering extends the company’s no-upfront cost, multi-component energy optimization program to cover aging and inefficient packaged HVAC units up to 25 tons. As part of the offering, Budderfly has signed national agreements with major HVAC manufacturers to provide high-efficiency units made to Budderly’s custom standards.

In the Annual Energy Outlook 2021, the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that the commercial sector, which includes commercial and institutional buildings, used about 155 billion kWh for cooling in 2020, which was equal to about 12% of total commercial sector electricity consumption and 4% of total U.S. electricity consumption.

New, mid-range HVAC units have a SEER rating of approximately 19-23, but the older units encountered by Budderfly have relatively low SEER ratings, meaning these systems are not very efficient. Upgrading an older air conditioner with a SEER of 10 to a newer model with a SEER of at least 19 under Budderfy’s HVAC replacement program will reduce a customer’s cooling costs by about half — notably contributing to lowering the commercial sector’s overall electricity consumption.

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