Standard Published for Quality of Heat Transfer Fluids Used in Hydronics Systems

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials has published IAPMO/ANSI H1001.1, Standard for Quality of Heat Transfer Fluids Used in Hydronics Systems, as an American National Standard.

IAPMO/ANSI H1001.1 provides minimum requirements for maintaining quality of liquid aqueous-based heat transfer fluids over the life of the system and optimizing the life of system components in both residential and non-residential closed hydronic heating and cooling applications. This standard is designed to be inclusive of hybrid renewable energy systems as a means of promoting more sustainable methods of energy consumption.

IAPMO/ANSI H1001.1 addresses both chemical and non-chemical treatment methods with focus on the importance of water treatment and corrosion prevention. Such provisions are accompanied by recommended hydronic water quality parameters for the following conditions:

  • Systems with chemical additives
  • High-purity water systems
  • Hybrid hydronic and ground-source heat pump systems

Additionally, this comprehensive document provides guidance for water treatment programs, appropriate cleaning and flushing methods, chemical handling and injection, and recommended system configurations supplemented with schematics. Learn more at

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