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Brick Consortium Announces Inaugural Commercial Members

The Brick Consortium, Inc, the non-profit membership-led organization that sponsors and encourages the research and development of the open-source Brick schema specifications for the built environment, announces that five companies have joined on as inaugural members: Carrier, Clockworks Analytics, Johnson Controls, Mapped and Schneider Electric. These commercial members join academic members who hail from Carnegie Mellon University, the Colorado School of Mines, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at San Diego.

The consortium, through the Brick schema, addresses an important industry and societal need by helping make data of the built environment interoperable. The Brick schema provides a common mapping and interchange format for data from sources such as the HVAC and building automation systems, lighting, electrical, access control, fire protection, occupancy and other common building systems.

The consortium provides governance for the Brick schema specifications and is developing tooling, conformance testing protocols and a repository of reference models and canonical use cases. The consortium also funds the research of work related to brick and the built environment and works to evangelize the use of the Brick schema.

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