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Daikin Comfort Technologies, XOi Collaboration Brings HVAC Field Techs Curb-To-Curb Solution

A collaboration between Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc. and XOi Technologies is providing HVAC contractors an advanced, curb-to-curb, field services solution driven by augmented reality and artificial intelligence that’s built to remove inefficiencies and improve bottom lines.

The curb-to-curb solution is a XOi software that automates the entire workflow to boost quality repairs and replacements. It seamlessly connects field service techs, home offices and their customers, while enabling on-the-job photo and video documentation, real-time remote video support and training, plus access to a vast knowledge base of product documentation and training content. It allows the repair process to be immediately shareable, transparent and validating.

The software standardizes workflows and documents jobsites by collecting, indexing and analyzing data to improve both current and future service calls.

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