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High-Efficiency Pintbrook Urinal Offers Sleek Contours, One-Pint Performance

PISCATAWAY, N.J. ― The Pintbrook urinal is the newest addition to the one-pint capable urinal offerings from American Standard. Constructed of durable vitreous china, the wall-mount Pintbrook high-efficiency urinal operates in the range of 0.125-0.5 gallons per flush and meets all 2016 California water restriction regulations, including CalGreen and CEC compliance.

It uses up to 87 percent less water than a standard 1.0 gpf urinal, while still meeting optimum flushing performance standards, and is WaterSense certified when used with a 0.125 or 0.5 gpf flush valve. For facilities requiring lower water usage, this Pintbrook 0.125 gpf model is a suitable alternative to the popular American Standard Allbrook 0.5 gpf urinal.

Keeping user comfort in mind, this Pintbrook urinal is designed with a generously deep bowl and superior splash protection contours. It is a ¾-inch top spud urinal that includes two wall hangers, a 2-inch NPT outlet spud and a strainer, plus is NAFTA and ADA compliant.

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