Successware Introduces Enhancements to Platform, Mobile App

Successware, a business management software company for the home service industry, has launched four new Success Tools for the platform designed to help HVAC and plumbing customers manage and grow their business. The software and mobile app will now feature enhanced capabilities, such as mobile timecard management, a communications contact center, an online payment function and online appointment booking. For more details, visit or call 888-272-8009.

Available now:

  • Successware Track: Designed specifically for apprentices and helpers who do not need the full functionality of Successware Mobile. Track offers timecard management and geolocation features, as well as the ability to take and upload photographs.
  • Successware BookIt: An online appointment scheduling tool. BookIt communicates directly with the time slot capacity management feature, making appointment scheduling effortless for both the customer and call taker/dispatcher.

To be released later this year or early 2022:

  • Successware Connection: A robust omni-channel communication platform incorporated that offers clients voice, text and email in one communications contact center. Connection will auto assign lead source, lookup and find customer records, and mark the call as booked or not booked to drive data-driven decision making.
  • Successware Pay: Online payment functionality for customers that will tie directly into the accounting module. Pay allows companies to email a link to customers with their invoice for online payment by credit card or ACH payment methods.

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